I've fallen for a married man

Dear Diana,
I am a 34-year-old single woman and have fallen for a married man. He is 41. I've known him for a while through common friends. But I never thought he felt the same. Recently, he told me that he loves me. He said he didn't fall in love with his wife as it was an arranged marriage. He says he has never fallen in love with anyone but me. I don't know what to do. He has a five-year-old daughter.
- Maheema

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Maheema,
You may have fallen for him hook line and sinker. But are you prepared to be the other woman in his life?  Married guys stray for various reasons. There could be curiosity, boredom and feelings of inadequacy. But is he willing to commit? At the moment your guy is having an adulterous relationship with you. Probably his wife is unaware of it. May be he feels frustrated at home and is looking for fun outside marriage. Have you asked him about a future together? Is he willing to leave his wife for you? Remember he also has a young daughter. There are too many factors to be considered before you take the plunge. Also, be sure that it is lust, not love. It appears that you are physically attracted and when you ask him about commitment he will backtrack.

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