Dear Diana,
I am in a mess both personally and professionally. I have lost my job and my love. Due to which I am frustrated and angry. I had fallen in love with a girl. We'd chat with each other in office and over the phone. I told her several times how I felt. One day, I called her up for a date and ended up saying something stupid. From that day she stopped talking to me. We didn't meet thereafter. It has been three years since. I just want to restart my story. How do I express my love? I am still single and am doing a part-time job. 
- MP

Illustration/Satish Acharya

Dear MP,
It's obvious that something you said, did offend her. Your girl is in no mood to forgive and move on. But why are you blaming her? Look at yourself. Even after losing your girl and your job you could not move on in life. What stopped you from taking on another job? Why stick to a part-time one? You need to impress the girl by your deeds. Take up a good job and work hard to be successful in it. You need to prove your worth to her. By complaining and cribbing about what is going wrong in your life is going to be of no use. It is up to you to put your life and then your love life on track.

My best friend's ex likes me

Dear Diana,

My best friend was dating this guy who I know too. But after four months they broke up. Now this guy has been spending a lot more time with me and being really sweet to me. He tells me he likes me. This has put me in an odd position as my friend can't bear to see the sight of him. What do I do?
- DW

Dear DW,
First of all can you trust this guy? He was your best friend's guy for a while. He broke off with her and has now latched on to you. How serious is he about you? Do you fancy him or is he just on the rebound? Also, think how your best friend will feel when she sees you with him. Is he worth ruining your friendship? Think a lot before you decide to be his girl.

My guy just dumped me

Dear Diana,

Three months ago, I got friendly with this guy. He told me he really likes me. We began texting each other. Soon, one thing led to another and we began a physical relationship. But now he has suddenly started ignoring me. I have tried to forget him but I can't as I keep remembering whatever he told me.
- Name withheld on request

Dear Friend,
This guy was just looking for some fun. He just needed his dose of physical relations and after having got it, dumped you. Lust does not last for long, love does. This man was not at all serious about you, he was just looking for a fling. Chances are that he may have already found someone else. Just remember that this man was good at words and knew you fell for his sweet nothings. It is better that you forget him.