I want to break free for a while

Dear Diana,
I am 28 and so is my woman. We are in a serious relationship and have talked about marriage in the next two years. Though everything is going well for us, I feel I need time out and space to live for myself for a while before my marriage. I lost my father when I was 14 and have shouldered the responsibility of the family in whatever way I could all these years. Now I feel I need some time on my own. As I have my own business it is possible as my staff is well trained. I want to travel, and do many things before I settle in matrimony. But my woman does not seem to understand this.
- Wasim

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Wasim,
It's like you have everything going for you well but you want to let it go for a while. Remember finding people we can really connect with is difficult in life. And once you have found the right person, it is foolish to give it up. You will have to make her understand why you want to go on this trip in your life. If she is mature, she will understand. If not, you have to decide if you want her to let go. So you need to think before you break free from everything.


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