I want my father to remarry!

Dear Diana,
I'm a 16-year-old student. My mother passed away last year and dad has been taking care of me and my younger sister. He's finding it very difficult to be a housemaker while also running his business. But he tries his best and never complains. Though this may sound inappropriate, I've been raring to ask him to get married again. I hate to see him all lonely and struggling. I miss my mother a lot but if he finds us a stepmom, things would be better for him as well as for us, responsibility-wise. What do you think?
-- Sashank

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Sashank,
You are feeling sorry for your father after seeing him struggle to raise both of you and look after the home as well as office. And that's quite a task indeed. But you are 16 and you need to understand his situation and extend a helping hand at least on the home front to make life easier for him. It's simple for you to say that he should remarry. But it is not easy. It's been only a year since your mom passed away, and because of his responsibilities, he is not showing the loss. To find another woman at such a late age also is difficult. And have you ever wondered for a second about the relationship that woman will have with you and your sister? Remember you are not her kids. I hope that you find a woman who is mature enough to take on the responsibility of playing mother to you both.



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