'I want to kill the man who raped, murdered my daughter'

Day after five-year-old was dragged off Borivli footpath to a gruesome death, cops have made a sketch of the accused based on inputs by victim’s sister; her mother says she wants police permission to kill the accused 

The gruesome rape and murder of a five-year-old footpath dweller in Borivli on Sunday has left her family shattered. While her father, who was in Pune when the incident happened, came back to the city yesterday and is still in shock, her disconsolate mother wants the police to give her permission to kill the man who raped her daughter.

The sketch of the accused
The sketch of the accused

“I want to kill the man who committed this crime and the police should give me permission for it. I have lost my daughter and I need justice. The area under the Sanjay Gandhi National Park flyover, where we sleep, is a haunt of drug addicts, but we don’t have any other place to go to in the rainy season. We came here only in the monsoon and usually sleep on footpaths or at construction sites. We are poor, but our kids are studying in BMC schools and we are trying very hard to give them a better future,” said the victim’s mother.

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mid-day’s report on September 1
mid-day’s report on September 1

The Kasturba police made a sketch of a probable accused based on the description given by the victim’s seven-year-old sister. Police say that while they are not entirely sure whether the sketch is accurate, they were told that the man is a drug addict who had fought with, and threatened, the victim’s family just a few days before the incident.

“I suspect that the man behind my sister’s murder is a drug addict who frequents the area in the night after getting drunk. A few days ago, my family had a fight with him and he had threatened us before fleeing,” said the victim’s sister.

A police official said the accused is 25 years old and around 5 feet tall, and five teams have been formed to nab him.

Senior Inspector Vitthal Damgude of Kasturba police station told mid-day, “We’ve prepared a sketch with the help of the victim’s sister, but we can’t be sure that it is
accurate. We believe that the accused is also a footpath dweller and is a drug addict.”



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