'I want to see more of Mr Modi'

Nov 14, 2015, 07:52 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

PM Narendra Modi is in the UK. All television channels are covering his trip. Some have sent two or three journalists there. I am happy that the PM of India is getting this respect.

Some of his initiatives are good, like Swachh Bharat. It was nice to see everyone follow his example, and clean up their surroundings. I also like the fact that he talks about Digital India. The Internet makes life easy for busy people. Also, those in rural areas have the chance to learn about places and people they didn't know about.

But I think, instead of spending so much time in other countries, Mr Modi should tour India. He should visit villages that don't have electricity, meet girls who don't go to schools. Cities, both in India and abroad are important, but so is rural India. It requires his attention. Saying India is great, come and invest here, is not enough. Make changes that will prove that India is great, and then go tell people abroad.

How can we be great when prices are high? Daal and vegetables are expensive. The poor cannot afford them. NRIs will love you, but they are Indian only in origin. We deserve your time, too. If you can express yourself and your thoughts and vision so easily in the West, why not here?

I would like it if Mr Modi was open to questions. Being focused is good but he needs to listen to others also. Then he can decide what is right and wrong. Young people in a party are good because they know what the youth of India wants. But seniors are also important for guidance.

If I had to make one suggestion to Mr Modi, I would say, let's work together, not alone, and develop a country which we are proud of, where everyone has access to education; because I know, like my other Akanksha friends, that education can change your life.

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