Dear Diana,
I was in a relationship with a guy for a couple of months. I recently walked out on him because he is an alcoholic. We had our share of fights, but he would call me back saying he's sorry. I would believe him and go back. I cared for him, so I put up with his drinking. But as soon as I decided I could take it no more and decided to walk out, I came to know that there was already another woman in the scene. Now I feel not only angry, but also cheated.
— Renu


Dear Renu,
It is clear that this guy does not care for you nor do you matter to him. He has a drinking problem and you tried your best to make him see sense, but it proved to be an exercise in futility. He cheated on you and you were a fool to fall in his trap when he begged forgiveness and said that he would amend ways to have you back. Move on and get going with your life. Let this guy be your past.

Dear Diana,
I got divorced three years ago. I'm living with my nine-year-old son and my parents. My family is pressurising me to get married again. I'm 37 and the guy, my folks have approved of, is 34. He's a divorcee too. He comes across as a nice chap, but I'm worried whether he'd be able accept my son who is old enough to understand what's going on. I don't want to compromise on my child's future for my happiness.
— Prerna

Dear Prerna,
For you, it may be a case of once bitten twice shy. Your parents, however, want the best for you. Just because your first marriage was a disaster does not mean the second one will also go wrong. Go with an open mind and let the past remain the past. Get to know the guy and tell him frankly about your fears. If he is an understanding caring guy, he will understand your fears.