ICC World Cup: Hollioake insists cricket is more dangerous than MMA

Perth: Former England captain Adam Hollioake is the first and only international cricketer to have taken up Mixed Martial Arts. Twelve years after he captained England, Hollioake was declared bankrupt when a family property business was liquidated, leaving him with loads of debt.

Adam Hollioake, the Mixed Martial artist
Adam Hollioake, the Mixed Martial artist 

The timing coincided with him entering the cage for some big-money mixed martial arts fights. Hollioake, however remains adamant that he does MMA because he loves it. "I love fighting, I always have. In fact, my family was against me taking up MMA, but I did because I enjoy fighting, and I'm quite good at it too," Hollioake told mid-day yesterday.

His family felt that there was too much risk given the bloodshed involved in MMA. "But I told them that MMA is not a dangerous sport and that no one has ever died in MMA. In fact, cricket is a lot more dangerous as far as people dying is concerned. Sure there's blood in MMA but if you get hit with the cricket ball on the head, that's a lot more dangerous," he explained.

"I've fought across the world. I have a fight coming up on March 28. I have done six MMA fights so far I've won five of them." Hollioake's love for cricket though hasn't completely died down completely. "I did think about taking up cricket coaching initially but then I opted for MMA. Maybe one day I will return to cricket and coach," said Hollioake.

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