ICC World Cup: I miss my brother Ben: Hollioake

Perth: At a time when his professional career was not bringing him too much joy with his form dropping, Adam Hollioake was jolted by a personal loss. His brother Ben, six years his junior, and also a Surrey and England cricketer, was killed in a car accident in this city on March 23, 2002.

Ben Hollioake
Ben Hollioake 

Ben (then only 24) was driving back after a customary family dinner, with girlfriend Janaya Scholten, when his Porsche 924 slipped off the Kwinana freeway due to rain and crashed into a brick wall. The brothers then lived in south Perth. Adam's wife Sherryn was seven months pregnant at the time and the couple later decided to name their daughter Bennaya, derived from a combination of Ben and Janaya.

Hollioake's voice goes soft as he recalls the moment his brother passed away. "I will always associate Perth with that (Ben's death). But I'm not angry or bitter because there was no one to blame for what happened to Ben. It was an accident and that was it. I'm just sad. I remember how my family reacted with shock and disbelief. We could not believe it," Hollioake told mid-day yesterday.

The brothers shared a great relationship growing up. Hollioake recalled how they played almost every sport together and even competed with each other. "We played all sports and played a lot against each other. We played rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, table tennis. As athletes, we were totally different from each other. Ben was always the more skilful of us both while I was always stronger than him."



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