ICC World Cup: Samosa makes its debut at the MCG

Mar 20, 2015, 08:30 IST | Ashwin Ferro

It's amazing to what extent suppliers will go to meet the demand in today's ever so competitive world of fast food. Yesterday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, vendors were seen strolling the stands selling samosas. One of the salesmen later told mid-day that this is the first time that one of India's favourite snacks has been included in the menu.

A salesman selling samosas at the MCG yesterday. Pic/Ashwin Ferro
A salesman selling samosas at the MCG yesterday. Pic/Ashwin Ferro

"After the huge gathering here for the India vs South Africa match recently, the idea was to cater to the Indian public specifically, so this is the first time that I'm going around selling samosas," said one of the 30-odd salesmen, who was doing the rounds at the MCG during match time yesterday. The cost of the vegetarian, deep fried, potato-filled snack was quite steep too at AUD 5.60 (approximately R250) for two pieces, which was in the same range as the price of chicken hot dogs and chicken burgers. It still sold like hot cakes though, despite the fact that there was no chutney to accompany it.

Why the MCG did not fill up this time
THE turn-out at the MCG for yesterday's India vs Bangladesh quarter-finals was a not-very-high — 51,552. Certainly not high enough when compared to the 86,876 attendance in the India vs SA league game earlier here. There were various theories floating around to explain this deficit. Some felt that this match being on a weekday could not be compared to the February 22 India-SA tie which was on a Sunday. Another reason doing the rounds was that people generally come to watch India bat, and so many working class fans would have planned to come after work for the second innings, but with India's batting completed they may have dropped the idea. The third and most interesting theory though was that Indian fans are all gearing up for the March 29 final at this very venue, which will witness a record attendance, so they could afford to miss this one.

Tendulkar-like reception for Kohli
Virat Kohli

Whenever Sachin Tendulkar came out to bat he was always greeted with a loud roar by the spectators. In Test cricket, the roar coincided with the fall of an Indian wicket, often the second wicket, as he came in at No 4. It was quite funny whenever that happened because the crowd loved Sachin so much, that it didn't matter to them even if it seemed that they were cheering the fall of an Indian wicket in anticipation of him coming on. Yesterday, the MCG crowd cheered on loudly at the fall of opener Shikhar Dhawan's wicket. The cheers though were not in criticism of Dhawan, but rather in the anticipation of their favourite Indian batsman, Kohli.

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