Adelaide: One of the earliest reports, over a year back, in context with the India-Pakistan World Cup match here, was that all tickets for the game had sold out instantly.

A fan purchases a ticket for Sunday’s India vs Pakistan clash at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday. Pic/Ashwin Ferro 

South Australian Cricket Association chief executive Keith Bradshaw also endorsed this view on Saturday. “Tickets for the India-Pakistan match sold out in a matter of hours when they went on sale almost a year ago. A majority of those tickets were purchased by people not living in South Australia, so the atmosphere at the match will be unbelievable. In fact, when a small number of ‘returned’ tickets went back on sale late last year, around 1200, they sold out in 62 seconds,” Bradshaw told SUNDAY mid-day here.

Highly priced
However, tickets for today’s encounter were available throughout the day at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday and that too at the official ticket sales counter and through official ICC agents. “Yes, we have tickets for sale, not many though, may be around 30 or so. But they are steeply proceed, at AUD 165 per ticket,” Amol Punni, business development manager of Corporate World Connect, one of ICC’s ticketing partners told SUNDAY mid-day here on Saturday at the Oval’s ticket counter.

Interestingly, there is no concept of blackmarketing here as far as tickets are concerned. So, anyone and everyone, who has a match ticket, can legally sell it, quoting the price of his choice. “It looks like the organisers have deliberately done this to ensure that cheap tickets are sold legally at a premium. AUD 165 for a ticket is criminal,” said Mayur Joshi, who drove down here from Melbourne overnight for today’s match and purchased three tickets at a
whopping AUD 495 (R25,000 approximately).

Besides, sales at the ticket counter, a number of people were seen just walking in and out of the Oval on Saturday trying to get a good deal for their “extra tickets” and even succeeded in doing so.