ICC World Cup semis: Was Anushka Sharma unhappy to be on TV?

India vice-captain Virat Kohli's girlfriend and Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, who was in the stands yesterday to watch the India vs Australia match, seemed quite unhappy when the TV cameras flashed her on the large screen at the SCG here. Virat had just come to bat (13th over) when the cameras panned towards Anushka, who could easily be lip read saying: "Why are they showing…" she stopped short at that obviously realising that she was on TV, smiled and waved. The camera panned again towards Anushka, four overs later, when Kohli top-edged Mitchell Johnson to depart for one. Anushka had her hand across her mouth in disbelief, just like most other fans, who would have watched the dismissal.

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Anushka Sharma is shocked after Virat Kohli is dismissed for one yesterday. Pic/Suman Chattopadhyay
Anushka Sharma is shocked after Virat Kohli is dismissed for one yesterday. Pic/Suman Chattopadhyay 

Free yellow caps dilute sea of blue
With reports claiming that over 70 per cent of the tickets for yesterday's World Cup semi-final were bought by Indian fans, the authorities, in a bid to dilute the sea of blue, actually distributed free Australia team caps to fans entering the venue just before the match. A volunteer with over 100 yellow caps was doing the distribution and instructing fans to "put it on and enjoy the game." It was a quite an expensive gift too with each cap costing AUD 35 (R1700 approx) each.

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Honeymoon and its after-effects
Mumbai lad Hiren Patel (30), who works in Hong Kong, tied the knot on February 10 in Surat and picked Australia as his honeymoon destination bringing his wife Pinal for the India vs SA match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Feb 22. After their two-week trip however, Hiren's cricket appetite wasn't satiated and he returned Down Under for India's semi-final at the SCG, this time without his wife, and instead with friends Praful and Lalu. Before the match, he was confident India would enter the final. "A victory here for India will make me happier than I was during my honeymoon," the cricket fanatic said. As things turned out, fortunately for Pinal, their honeymoon remains her husband's happiest memory.

  • vijay28-Mar-2015

    Leave that poor girl Anushka alone. She and Virat are madly in love and what difference does it make her being in the stand and First getting out. It was not India's day and let us be more human and understand that the Indian team played a good word cup in 2015 and reached the semi finals remember only four teams reached the semi finals and you just do not go and will all matches you win some and lose some so treat it as a sport and not a blaming game. Anushka and Virat just enjoy the moment.

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