ICC World Cup: Shastri sees 'evil force' in report about Fletcher being kept away from meeting

Feb 19, 2015, 08:23 IST | Debasish Datta

Melbourne: India's Team Director Ravi Shastri rubbished a television report aired on Tuesday evening that said he had a private meeting with the support staff without including chief coach Duncan Fletcher in the meeting.

Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri 

"After the start of the World Cup, Duncan has been part of all meetings. The question of him not being part of meetings does not arise. We are keeping our heads down and concentrating on our task," Shastri told mid-day at the Junction Oval here as the Indian team trained for Sunday's match against South Africa.

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"I am here and the team is out there in a huddle and Duncan is talking to the boys. Does this mean they want to throw me out," Shastri asked, indicating in full measure how displeased he was over the story. He continued, "We are sticking together.

You know we are all united, but an evil force from outside may try and disturb us. I can assure you that they will not succeed."

Meanwhile, media manager Dr RN Baba said that two of the support staff members visited their friends in Melbourne for dinner on the night the report referred to, thereby rubbishing the report further. It is learnt that the Indian team will not train today.

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