BEST busBEST bus

The Brihanmunbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) undertaking is seeking responses from Mumbai citizens to change the colour of iconic red BEST bus to white and yellow.

To test the efficacy of its proposal, two buses will be painted white and yellow on trial basis.

The red coloyr is synonymous to the BEST buses that are plying on the streets of Mumbai for decades.

Changing the colour is a part of the BEST's plan to overhaul its service including providing free WiFi inside buses and at bus stops, entertainment options on commuters’ mobile phones, real time location and expected time of arrival (ETA).The steps are being taken to up the number of commuters, which has been seen a steady decline over the years on a rapid decline, as reported by Hindustan Times.

The new colour scheme has been suggested by the students of JJ School of Arts. The decision to change the colour will only taken after considering the responses of the commuters. BEST has taken to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter to get responses from Mumbaikars.

However, most BEST committee members have opposed the proposal citing maintainence of the new colour scheme. "Even with red-colour, we are hardly able to maintain our buses and keep them clean. How will the administration maintain the white colour? Do they have a plan to wash and keep them clean?" Ravi Raja, BEST committee member told HT.