School teachers have already started feeling jittery as the date of a training programme for Information and Commun-ication Technology (ICT), which was made mandatory for Std IX and X students, draws near. They fear that inclusion of an additional subject will only add to their burden.

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has sent notices to most city schools about the mandatory training from next Saturday. Sources said 34,000 teachers in the state would be trained.

"We have been told to conduct about 18 classes per week for all subjects and two classes for ICT. We have also been told to attend ICT training sessions during working hours. I am not sure how feasible it will prove," said a Abhinav Vidyalay teacher, requesting anonymity.

The training is meant only for mathematics and science teachers. Initially, the board plans to train junior college teachers, who will then train school teachers. The board has not issued notification to recruit new teachers for the subject.

"It is too early to say how it will fare. The school management says the whole process will be streamlined and training will be done before vacations," said a teacher, S Rajput. MSBSHSE chairperson Sarjerao Jadhav said, "There will be only 10 lectures for three hours every Saturday. Though the subject will be incorporated in the curriculum from June, we are not putting extra pressure on teachers."