Idol worship on stage

Oct 31, 2011, 09:48 IST | Manami Mallick

Metallica lovers got a special treat from Bangalore band Inner Sanctum who headlined for the iconic band that performed at the city yesterday. It was an evening that Inner Sanctum members won't forget in their lifetime

Metallica, Black Level Society, Megadeath and Iron Maiden are regulars in the dreams of every metal musician struggling, but Bangalore based death/thrash metal band Inner Sanctum has won the jackpot outside the dreamland.

They won the Vladivar Rock 'N India search contest on a popular English radio station and hit an opportunity to do the opening act for the heavy metal band, Metallica at their much-awaited concert on Sunday, beating the other finalists to pulp.

October 30 was a big day for the band. Chintan Chinappa, the guitarist of the band says, "It was the biggest show in India and it was an honor for us to get an opportunity like this. This will take our band to the next level."

The excitement of the five-piece band was palpable a day ahead of the concert that saw countless head-bangers and glass shattering screamers.

"We worked pretty hard to match the standard of the concert. We rehearsed every day for the show, after winning the band contest at Counterculture, Bangalore," said the vocalist Gaurav Basu.

Inner Sanctum, formed in 2007, didn't have too many goals set in the beginning as the band has been through several ups and downs like many other struggling bands.

However, the band's drummer, Abhinav Yogesh, had a long borne passion for Metallica. " When I was eight, I always used to play their songs and this is was a great chance to perform in the same stage with Metallica. We put a lot of effort to prepare for this and we were really pumped up to do the show," said Abhinav.

The band played their own compositions at the gig, but none of their new songs. 

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