If I am found guilty, cut my leg: BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi on Shaktiman's death

BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi, who has been accused of brutally assaulting police horse Shaktiman, who died on Wednesday, expressed sadness at the development. "I am very sad. I was not at fault, not even 0.1 per cent. If I am found guilty, then cut my leg,” he was quoted as saying in media reports.

A picture of the incident. Pic/PTI

The horse had lost its leg after it was brutally beaten during clashes between BJP protesters and the police on March 14.

The 13-year-old animal was given a prosthetic leg and confined to the police lines. It was a well-trained horse and part of the Uttarakhand Mounted Police for years.

'Shaktiman' had suffered multiple fractures in its hind leg during the protest and the incident had sparked massive outrage among the public including on social media.

The horse passed away at 5.30 PM in Dehradun. He was suffering from medical-related complications.

Meanwhile, Union minister and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi today sought the arrest of the person responsible for the death of police horse 'Shaktiman' and demanded the animal should no more be part of police forces.

"I am deeply saddened by the death of 'Shaktiman'. It is an extremely unfortunate incident. Horses should no longer be part of our police system," she said.

"They serve no purpose and in every crowd engagement they are at the mercy of any vicious person who is too cowardly to do anything but injure the defenseless animal. 'Shaktiman' was a police officer on duty and the person who put him through so much pain and ultimately killed him should be arrested for killing a police officer," she said.

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  • ajaykumar21-Apr-2016

    I agree in toto with Ms. Meneka Gandhi that animal should no longer be part of armed force unless and untill they are treated at par with the force itself. There should be law to protect such animals serving the armed force. Strict law should be enforced for illtreating animals.. My heart goes to SHAKTIMAAN and the like of him who do thankless job to protect our country and its property. RIP SHAKTIMAAN

  • MGD21-Apr-2016

    TrueIndian,you said it.

  • TrueIndian21-Apr-2016

    Some of BJP leaders say "Mujhe Fansi Dedo", some say "Mera Sar kat lo", now this guy is saying "mera paon kat do"........I think we should go for the most critical organ in their body. They deserve it!

  • Manish21-Apr-2016

    Ah, where else did we hear such a thing. Well yes, by our HRD minister Ms Smriti Irani!

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