Dear Diana,
I am 23 and have just started working in a travel agency. I got this job because of this guy I met casually at a friend's place. He knew the owner of the travel agency who was looking for freshers. I really don't know why he helped me as I don't even know him so well. He is 30 and single. I am really grateful to him and would like to treat him to drinks and dinner. Is it okay if I ask him out? Or will he misunderstand it to be that I am interested in him?
- Francy

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Francy,
There are many ways to thank him for helping you get a job. You could send him a card with a gift or make a call and tell him you will remember this favour and that whenever he needs your help, you will be there for him. If you think you want to treat him to a lavish meal, wait till you get your first salary. Then you call him and invite him over dinner and drinks. What is important is your attitude. Be cool and calm, and maintain a thoroughly professional relation with him. But after dinner if both of you hit it off well, then you can take it forward from there.