Say IT companies on a hiring spree; the firms now prioritise young professionals who possess strong interpersonal skills and leadership qualities apart from the knowledge of subject
The fear generated following the recession talks earlier last month, seem to have become a thing of past for the IT capital as companies have gone into a hiring overdrive.

With campus recruitments on in full swing and the market looking out for the best engineering talents, leading IT companies have earmarked another qualification for the freshers: they want talent coupled with a good balance of soft skill abilities.

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Human resource manager of a leading IT company, M Kritika, said, "Surprisingly, when the entire world is resorting to cost cutting measures, we are hiring  people. However, our agenda has changed a bit -- apart from the basic software engineering skills, we are also looking at managerial and leadership qualities of the new recruits. We want multifaceted employees as there is enough talent available in the market. So if you have the edge, we have a job for you."

Meanwhile, recognising this new trend, Head Hunters, a recruiting agency, has now launched various courses to train graduates and job seekers. "There are more than 1,000 graduates looking for jobs. Many more would hit the market by the end of this academic year. We are trying to give them the necessary skills that employers are looking for. Teaching them what they have learnt at college is not enough anymore, today employers want people with very strong social and inter-personal skills," said Lakshmi Narayan, from Head Hunters team.

Survey reveals
Further, today young professionals are also keen about the perfection of their all round development skills, before applying at various companies. According to a recent survey in which over 20 leading companies and over 3,000 IT enthusiasts participated - a total of 15 companies wanted employees to have the edge.

Software engineer, M N Poornima, said, "Initially, I was caught unawares when an interviewer questioned me about my edge. I told him about my professional skills, but they rejected me because I did not have any strong hobbies. However, a year after that I've realised what they meant. " With colleges also pepping up their students to get the edge, it seems like the battle to get into the best IT companies -- just got tougher.