In a departure from all-season favourite core company jobs like engineering, IIT-Bombay students are preferring non-core company jobs such as management consulting, finance and retail management this placement season.

So what prompted the job seekers to change their preference? According to job aspirants, non-core companies offer better pay packages, excellent career growth prospects and challenging job positions and exposure as compared to the core companies.

On Day 3 of the placement drive, 22 companies visited the campus of
IIT- Bombay and offered jobs to 55 students. File pic

Debashish Chatterjee*, an IIT-B student who got placed in a non-core company, said, "Though I am a mechanical engineer by qualification, I opted for a non-core company which is into management consulting. I took the decision, as I did not want to be stuck in a mundane job like engineering. As IIT students, we are driven by the desire to take up something challenging every time. Besides, offering good pay packets, the non-core companies offer excellent career development programmes that adds great experience to the portfolio of fresh graduates like us."

Echoing Chatterjee's views, Tanuj Pathak*, a chemical engineer by qualification who also landed a job in a non-core company, said, "I do not see myself working in reactor and distillation sectors. I took up a job as a management consultant in a non-core company as I thought that the job profiles offered by them were much more interesting and challenging as compared to the job profile of a junior engineer that was offered to me by a core company. Besides, I personally think that the management consulting job was quite dynamic as it demanded the applicant to possess good communication skills and excellent analytical and problem-solving capabilities."

Commenting the sudden change of job preference of IITans, Bakul Desai, Director , IIT-Bombay Alumni Association, said, "ITTians are increasingly preferring placements in non- core companies as they give them much better pay packets and career growth prospects just at the start of their career. If an IITian starts his career with a non-core company, he is likely to climb up the career ladder faster than his classmate who joined a core company that follows specific parameters for promotion."

On Day 3 of the placement drive, 22 companies such as  Cisco and JB Morgan Chase visted the campus and offered jobs to 55 students. 

 (* Names changed to protect identity)