Cracking down first time on angadiyas’ illegal money transfers after demonetisation, the Mumbai Crime branch has seized currency notes worth Rs 50 lakh from one based in Zaveri Bazaar.

The seized bundles of notes include Rs 47.5 lakh in Rs 2,000 notes. Sleuths are trying to trace the angadiya operator to know more about the source of the huge number of new notes.

Sources said that crime branch unit II officers, acting on specific information on Monday evening, detained four people from Zaveri Bazaar. Two of them had bags with the cash.

“Rs 2,000 notes worth Rs 47.5lakh and old (banned) notes worth Rs 3 lakh were seized from them under section 102 of the Criminal Procedure Code,” said a senior crime branch officer.

The four angadiya employees, from Rajasthan, UP and West Bengal, could not give the police satisfactory answers to how and why they were carrying so much cash and particularly those notes. Their questioning revealed the name of one Vasant Rivari associated with the angadiya. The police are yet to question him.

Officers have informed the I-T department about this to be able to further probe the source of the money.