Dear Diana,
My girlfriend and I don't live in the same city therefore there is little time we get off our schedules for each other. I
think the cause for a communication gap is basically lack of time. Not being in the same place and physically not being around makes it difficult to understand one another better. What should I do from my end to help this? I'm madly in love with her and cannot afford to lose her. My long distance relationship looks like will always remain one.
— Viraj

Dear Diana

Dear Viraj,
She may not be physically present, but you can talk to her on phone and even see her through Skype. You may be having busy work schedules, but you can plan to take
some days off to spend time with each other. In a long-distance relationship, it is quality time over quantity time. May be in the future you can plan to be together.

Dear Diana
I am a 25-year-old guy in love with a girl who is also 25. I thought we were more than just good friends. But she had other plans and left me saying she was only seeking friendship. That came as a blow, but I pretended to be cool about it. Now it comes to my attention that she's dating someone who is eight years older than her. His history with fooling girls with his good looks is quite popular in our neighbourhood. I don't think I'll ever have her back in my life, but at the same time it aches to see her falling for a six-pack fool.
— Sahil

Dear Sahil,
This girl dumped you for someone else. You were serious about her, but she had other plans on her mind. Instead of being upset with her, you are feeling sorry for her. She may be now dating a jerk but that is none of your business. Let her learn from her mistakes.