'I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship...'

Dear Diana,
Of late, my boyfriend has been stressed due to family problems. This has resulted in him being a changed man. He keeps snapping at me. He has also become extremely controlling. All this is making me doubtful about a future together. He keeps venting his anger and frustrations on me. He can do whatever he wants. He is emotionally abusing me. What do I do?
— Drisha

Illustration/Amit bandre
 Illustration/Amit bandre

Dear Drisha,
Your guy is going through an emotional upheaval, so he is removing all his frustrations on you. What he is doing is not right, but he seems to be in a volatile state of mind. If things do not change, give the relationship a break for a while. You could have provided support to him during his personal crisis, but it appears that he does not need you. Instead, he is treating you like a whipping board. Take time off him for a while and then decide if you want to stick around in the relationship.

Dear Diana,
I'm 31 and work at a store in a shopping mall. I have been in a relationship with a girl at my work place for a year. My family is bride hunting for me. I told my girlfriend about it. She was taken by surprise as she assumed that I had spoken about her to my folks. I told her I had not. Since then she has stopped talking to me. In all probability I will wed someone my family chooses, but I do not want to lose her. I love her a lot and had promised her marriage.
— Aanand

Dear Aanand,
If you do not want to lose her, it is time you tell your family about her. What she has done is right because she knows there is no future with you. You promised her marriage and now you tell her you have not even told your folks about her. In such a situation it was best for her to cut off all ties
with you.

Diana will solve it!
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