Dear Diana,
I'm 26 and fallen for a good-looking friend of mine who is straight. He is well aware of the situation and is really understanding, but he doesn't indulge me nor ostracise me. It's evident that he doesn't want to create a scene out of my feelings for him. I am now at a point where I feel miserable and depressed every time he is with his girlfriend and not me.
— Jude


Dear Jude,
You are well aware that this relationship is not going to go anywhere. Despite knowing that he is straight and has a girlfriend, you are still pining for him. It is obvious that you are going to experience heartbreak. Before things get worse, move on. As this person is your friend, he is being understanding and not reacting to anything. Refrain from getting more serious about him and look for another soulmate.

Dear Diana,
A woman at my workplace says she is worried about me and feels I suffer from depression. She's 25 while I'm 33. She has read my mind right as I am going through a bad phase after a broken engagement as things on the home front are in turmoil. She's been good to me and hasn't told anyone about my state of mind. I owe her a lot, but I don't know how to repay her kindness. I think she likes me and looks to be a genuine woman. Should I get to know her better?
— Parmesh

Dear Parmesh,
What has stopped you from being friendly with her? If you think she understands you and you are comfortable with her, get to know her better. May be she likes you and is extending a helping hand to you and wants to know you. You are now single so there is no harm in reciprocating her feelings. May be after getting to know her better, you two might get along and she may the love of your life. So put all your anxieties to rest and first get to know her.