Imagica accident: Injured mother-daughter duo in Mumbai hospital ICU

The mother-daughter duo, who were injured after the a roller coaster ride at Imagica theme park tipped to one side, have been shifted to the ICU of a Mumbai hospital. The daughter, whose jaw was fractured, needs an operation. 

A joyful outing for the family from West Bengal went horribly wrong when a ride at a theme park they were visiting malfunctioned, and two of the family members ended up in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a local hospital.

The duo on Thursday morning has been moved from the local hospital and shifted to a hospital in Mulund.

'Bandits of Robin Hood' is currently non-operational, but the rest of the park is open to visitors
'Bandits of Robin Hood' is currently non-operational, but the rest of the park is open to visitors

The incident occurred at Adlabs Imagica theme park in Khopoli, where the Rathis had gone yesterday. Mukund Rathi, along with his family, had come to attend a wedding at Lonavla. Before returning to their hometown, Durgapur, in West Bengal, they decided on a trip to Imagica.

“We decided to have some fun at the theme park. We were seven of us, including three minors, who had entered the park after paying the entry fee of Rs 8,800. We sat on the first ride around 11.30 pm and then went on to the second ride Bandits of Robin Hood around 12.40 pm,” recalled Rathi.

It was on this ride that things went haywire. Mukund’s wife Purnima, his 16-year-old daughter Mamta and his sister Shobha Naga (40) went on ‘Bandits of Robin Hood’ and sat in the last few coaches of the roller-coaster. “There were about 10-12 schoolchildren occupying the seats in the front.

After the ride started and moved about 10 feet, it suddenly came to a halt and the entire contraption tilted to one side. A tyre of one of the coaches lodged off and in the process, my wife and daughter sustained serious injuries,” fumed Mukund. His sister escaped with minor injuries.

He further alleged, “The children were crying in panic and nobody came to help for hours. The worst part was that there were no doctors or paramedical staff present at the park. There were no safety parameters in place, let alone the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The whole situation was handled in an unprofessional manner.” Saying he didn’t want this to happen to anyone else, Rathi lodged a complaint with the Khalapur police.

PSI U R Bhosale of Khalapur police station said, “We have only taken statements from Mukund Rathi and the injured. We are yet to register any case; superior officers would be consulted before doing so. The rollercoaster ride is, at present, non-operational.” Meanwhile the mother and daughter were taken to nearby Jakotia Nursing Home, where, though their condition is said to be stable, they have been kept under observation for the next 24 to 48 hours.

Incidentally, 'Pirates of Rohin Hood' was just the second ride they sat in at the amusement park.

Relatives claimed that the Rathi's were to leave the city by February 8 but this accident will force them to extend their trip further.

Doctors say

Dr Sagar Varude, attached to the hospital, confirmed to MiD DAY that the mother and daughter were admitted to the ICU and explained that Purnima sustained five to six stitches, as she had head injuries and was bleeding. The doctor clarified that she hadn’t sustain any skull fracture, as was being claimed by rumours on social media websites.

Her daughter Mamta has fractured her right shoulder and her jaw, but is said to be out of danger.

Mamta who suffered a mandibular fracture would require an operation, claimed a doctor treating her, while adding that the mother was stable and was likely to be shifted out of the ICU soon.

“We have kept them under observation to rule out any complications that might erupt due to the trauma,” added Dr Varude. When asked who was footing the medical expenses, he said, “We have registered the patient under Adlabs and the park officials had brought the injured to the hospital.”

The other side
In an official statement on their Twitter account (@AdlabsImagica), Adlabs Imagica said, “Two adult guests suffered minor injuries at approximately 1 pm this afternoon at the Bandits of Robin Hood. They were immediately transported to the nearest hospital for first-aid medical services. Although the attraction is currently closed for safety inspection, the park is completely operational.”

Vincent Pijnenburg, chief operating officer, Adlabs Imagica, clarified “We have always complied with the maintenance and operational procedures recommended by the manufacturers of every ride. The safety of our guests and employees is our company’s utmost priority. We regret this incident, but are extremely grateful that everyone is safe.”

Ashutosh Kale, assistant
vice-president, Adlabs Imagica safety and security, added, “In accordance with our daily safety procedures, every ride is checked for safety and technical issues before being run for our guests, through a night-long maintenance schedule. Three test runs were carried on the ride before opening it to the guests. We’ve never faced a situation like this before and we are coordinating with the ride manufacturer to ensure that no future untoward incident occurs.”

  • mohan05-Feb-2014

    What the hell with park will remain opened? When Inorbit mall has fir n nno one hurt then the mall closed for 6 month. I think rules must be same for all. Park must be closed for at least a year.

  • manish chheda05-Feb-2014

    In india we are unable to meet the safety standard. I feel unsafe to take such rides in india. .....its like buying a flat on 20th floor inspire of knowing india has no fir brigade facility in case of mishaps. e.g..12th floor fire in cuffe parade took hours ..... and hours. safety & hygiene in india ???

  • raj05-Feb-2014

    Horrible , i was planning to go to imagica , now i will never go there

  • Bijen05-Feb-2014

    This kind of accidents shows how inefficient are our theme park owners in maintaining the rides. They just want to make big money at cost of peoples life. SHAME !!!!!

  • shreya05-Feb-2014

    but how did the injury occur?

  • suyash beldar 05-Feb-2014

    Did they even had security inspections or just bribed some officer and started the park? And if there were inspections done then how did this happen to this newly built park!

  • DShah05-Feb-2014

    This is unfortunate but what is amazing is the reply that is floating from Adlabs Imagica which says "Weve had a minor accident". The least what they can do now is to be sensitive and keep the marketing aspect aside of Imagica. In the past weve seen a lot of such incidents happening from Pharma/Car companies where safety was compromised but they were sensitive enough to take the charge of their mistake. I would never visit Imagica cause of this attitude.

  • sid05-Feb-2014

    so sad.....But mother is 32 and daughter is 16!!!! Hats off to this family!!!! Do the maths!

  • Ashish05-Feb-2014

    Who will run the sanity tomorrow ?

  • Siva05-Feb-2014 is distant thing for tweets, handwritten complaints for improvements did not happen yet. Mr India ride facility steel armour is it new park? there is no customer care and ambulance / medical facility shown or made visible to guest. Should we wait for disaster like this? unfortunate, Its not film shooting, they should realize. Pray for injured.

  • c.r.nanda05-Feb-2014

    My family has visited the site last month. My view is that the rides are very very rough as compared to Singapore Universal Studio. Plus the maintenance does not seems to be up to date. It looks cheap equipment has been used and the organizers are making lot of money. Users please be very very careful after all it is your life.

  • Simra Bhat05-Feb-2014

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE KNEW IT. ONES WE WENT TO ADLABS IMAGICA AND IT WAS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nitin05-Feb-2014

    bullshit place. This is the first incident in history of roller coasters. what a shitty place. no quality. no safety. no law. im not takin my family here..this incident saved my 18k. thankx God i feel safe.

  • Mid05-Feb-2014


  • Jiya05-Feb-2014

    Its an unfortunate event. Colleges nowadays are taking degree students to theme parks like Imagica. Safety measures must be taken and double checked!

  • Vijay05-Feb-2014

    Purnima Rathi was 16 years old when she gave birth to Mamata

  • Ninad Penkar06-Feb-2014

    Horrible , i was planning to go to imagica , now i will never go there .Its an unfortunate event. Colleges nowadays are taking degree students to theme parks like Imagica. Safety measures must be taken and double checked!

  • Bharat06-Feb-2014

    Now you will see new advertisement, Amitabh enjoying all rides & asking people that this is safe. After all this is Anil Ambani Company

  • shreya shiralkar05-Feb-2014

    But hw can it be safe That wonen has got hurt on her head

  • Manish Nahar06-Feb-2014

    I was planing to go with my kids. but after this incident I have canceled my visit.

  • tejal06-Feb-2014

    Shame on the management ,the organisers and all the ppl connected to imagica???? The name imagica sounds so sophisticated and no one knew it will take many peoples lives ....such a disgusting thing me too was planning to visit but after hearing all dis will never visit this park and will also stop othrers from visiting it. Imagica should be closed for a long period of time ...such a shame they r still open.... Guys pass this to every one and stop others for visiting imagica??????

  • JPB Nair06-Feb-2014

    I was also planning to go there. Now I will never go there.

  • KUSH 06-Feb-2014

    Shame! Imagica should be closed for life time no proper safety , rules and not pay attenation towards construction shame!!!!!

  • isha06-Feb-2014

    Feelin damn sad..! bt itz nt imagica's mistake...!!!!!!!! dis waz an accident.... n accident can occur anywhr 2 any1.... So in dis case.. imagica theme park mustn't b closed......!! coz itz an awesome :):):) place 2 hav fun...wid family n frndzz 2..!! :)

  • Local_Guy06-Feb-2014

    complain is not filled yet..just took the statement ... from this can't you get the clear idea of relations between park and police ?

  • SHOMIT SARKAR06-Feb-2014

    Sue them......they deserve it....sue them to the extent they have to sell that ride.....i hate roller coasters....and this is one of those reasons.... As far as closing down the rest of the park for the would be unfair to the people who had invested their hard earned money to buy tickets to see priceless smiles on their family faces.....atleast they got a chance to thank god for not being on that ride at that time.

  • Jaya06-Feb-2014


  • abc12306-Feb-2014

    Couldn't agree more with other fellow commenters.. this place really sucks.. donno why people still go there, waste their hard earned money and then take such mishaps head first. The accident indeed is horrible, the pic shows its intensity. Though glad the victims weren't traumatized. Also the tweet of the Imagica person is utter irresponsible one.

  • Nidhi Mehta06-Feb-2014

    How can this be a minor accident.... No Safety Measures, No Help for Hours, No FIR only complaint.... All this clearly shows that the park is only for minting money....... I went to Imagica in December last year with my family but afraid to hear this and will advise everyone not to visit the park .

  • samar06-Feb-2014

    Dirty indian playground I have been there but never again it is a pure death trap please stop people from goin !! Enough of imagica eya eya eya

  • LD06-Feb-2014

    scary... i guess like every indian... the theme park owners must have left maintainance and safety of these rides to "God" while they were busy minting money.... there will always be a phobia in people's minds now

  • SAGAR06-Feb-2014 cares for whn we went it was a awesome trip fr us....n see the attitude of the owner...pray for tht mom n daughter...

  • Amit Bhagat06-Feb-2014

    I visited Adlab Imagica a month back with my two kids and wife. We had seated in this ride and other rides too. When I read about the incident, first thing came in my mind was, "will never visit this park again!". From Imagica management, the statements, which are passed and published above clearly shows that they don't care for lives of their guests. They are purely money oriented. We pay such a high toll on each person and in return don't want a broken skull or jaw... Park must be closed.

  • sc06-Feb-2014

    It's a shame for my country. Bcoz it's a very latest and higher technology has been shown to the indians, and made under supervision of the greats.

  • sheetal06-Feb-2014

    We have not heard any accident news about Essel World Theme park. It was working from more than 20 years now. Great!

  • punekar06-Feb-2014

    this news is not fully correct, they are trying to suppress news from press... there are several more injured and some are almost died.... wtf is going on? money speaks everywhere?

  • Prabhu06-Feb-2014

    We should close such theme park as a Punishment for lethargic attitude . It should be a lesson for other theme park to maintain their park with proper care.

  • Valentine Vaz06-Feb-2014

    People this is owned by the Ambani brothers. Remember the peddar road accident where a poor driver was made to take the blame after many hours. Here the same will happen. Nothing can happen to the Ambani's. They are the law. They are the money power. Policies .. now whats that.. They make the rules. So this will be an open and closed case where a technician will be blamed and subjected to punishment where his family will be taken care. Park will function with no inquiries and action

  • kas06-Feb-2014

    Careless and no maintenance checked properly. Please insure yourself before going there.OMG

  • karan 06-Feb-2014

    close the park.

  • JPB Nair06-Feb-2014

    I was also planning to go there. Now I will never go there.

  • Nick06-Feb-2014


  • shreya06-Feb-2014

    imagica is all about earning money. There is no quality control. They let 20000 people into a park meant for 5000 people! As long as their pockets are full!

  • John06-Feb-2014

    the rollercoaster ride "tilted." ??? haha. how about the rollercoaster DERAILED on a downward descent. more than a dozen people including kids were seriously injured. plus another 10 had minor injuries. does ADLABS/ the ambanis have so much hold on the media? this was a massive accident. and there are pictures to prove it this time. not like the Aston Martin crash at Peddar Road where everyone was hushed up.

  • ARUN GANDHAMWAR06-Feb-2014

    final destination ....... small mistakes Big Happening

  • Amit Jain06-Feb-2014

    If people think not to visit imagica because of this incident than they should stay at home only because accident can be possible at anywhere, train, aeroplane, bus, car so I think they should not travel at all.

  • Kishan Mirajkar Rao06-Feb-2014

    I wonder how this news was not on any news channel..?

  • Roshan06-Feb-2014

    I have been to imagica. And seriously the safety standards sucks... the best part it bloody that inspector is saying that we havent logged any complaints so far we are waiting for the senior official's to take a call wah wah... they were waiting for someone to dye or what.

  • pritesh06-Feb-2014

    i thnk its the mistake of employee ...... so the whole park shoud'nt suffer.... best advice is this to suspend the employee

  • PANKAJ06-Feb-2014

    i have visited this park two moths ago and i saw many safety issue. i was surprised how they are running the park and hoe they got licence.

  • Devendra Mahajan06-Feb-2014

    Adlabs Imagica sucks................will never go there n tell others not to go......

  • ravi06-Feb-2014

    Ppl should b screwd involved in this matter,,, even the police,,, all r bloody money makers

  • rupesh06-Feb-2014

    police has to take some strong action against park owner... so that same thing should not repeated in any other park...

  • Prad Ingl06-Feb-2014

    Sad to hear about this adlabs incident. Obviously the "chalta hai" attitude of the management is responsible for this mishap. The owner should be sued for atleast a few crore rupees. Whats surprising is that the FIR hasn't been filed yet. This shows the callousness of the police. People with money can get away with anything and this is the sad truth in India. Clearly no respect for life. Wake up bloody government wake up. ?..!

  • Siddharth06-Feb-2014

    Just can't stop laughing on the people who blame INDIA as a factor for this.... You people live in a coccon and have no idea about outside world.... just google and you will find the best rides in the best theme parks had their bad day..... it's def unfortunate incident.... and they would revise the safety measure... and if they dont know... the first report of the incident from the twitter handle of imagica....

  • Navin06-Feb-2014

    we have been highlighting since when that the people hired from the top management till lower are wrong. & do not care for people. they need to be removed so that good people come who can value people & their lives.

  • jagruti06-Feb-2014

    lucky to visit first and come back safe

  • vishwarani06-Feb-2014

    This should not be happened but accidents are meant to be so we should not stop going there infact we should trust them as they will work more harder for our safety and its being fun there...

  • Jack06-Feb-2014

    close this theme park for forever

  • rupesh06-Feb-2014

    police has to take some strong action against park owner... so that same thing should not repeated in any other park...

  • ANIL06-Feb-2014

    PARK MUST BE CLOSED....ALL RIDES SHOULD BE GIVEM THROUGH CHECK WITH INT'L STANDARDS JUST see how theme parks are maintend worldwide.....

  • ilaf ansari 06-Feb-2014

    frm years n years ...any such incident didnt happen in essel world y sooo ????? n imagica opened few years ago i guess.... den wat wen wrong ????? dey shuld revise their safety measure .... :@

  • ashok06-Feb-2014

    this is very bad and risky for anyone's life in danger, we should first take action on them who approved this project and then the owner or management and such thing should not happen any time.

  • Tushar06-Feb-2014

    Calling such an incident "minor", just shows how careless imagica is about the visitors visiting theme park. They are only interested in collecting money, let alone life of their visitors. If die or get injured is least priority. Had it been US their would have been lot more uproar and the park would be shut for time they get everything investigated.This just shows apathy from theme park management and government who are busy collecting taxes. Lets ban such parks, as we need good parks for kids.

  • shabana shaikh06-Feb-2014

    I wanted to take my daughter but after dis accident I will never dare to go...

  • varsha06-Feb-2014

    OMG !!! I have never thought that it can also happen I have gone 2 imagica was my school my school trip I enjoyed there very much but when I heard this news I was shocked.. if it was happened with my school trip... really god saved us from this horrible incident

  • Pratik07-Feb-2014

    I think they shud lower d cost 1st. Den dey ahud rechk all d rides....twice a day by keeping all rides closed for 1hr in mid of day too....they shud b sorry too in media itself....compensate those injured people very heavily...and please....all of us....lets keep going der as still they have beautiful parks over there too.......Ad.imagica.....u hav to restart urself from zero again.....get d thinks fixed and rewin d trust of us.

  • jay06-Feb-2014

    Adlabs has plenty of money ( B.........) they can buy the nation (media included) so what great is the 2 casuality,u may go there for exitement at ur own risk...

  • Pratik06-Feb-2014

    Common guys.. let us stop to go to Imagica. The y take a very high price and use a very cheap material. Within a few years the materials got defeceted. The best is the Essel World. Low price, good material used, and this type of thing is never happened in it. So lets go to Essel World. And please pray for the mother and the daughter. okk. Bye, Pratik.

  • Hibah06-Feb-2014


  • avani06-Feb-2014


  • shanikumar06-Feb-2014

    these parks are stupid,horrible and dangerous. they make dangerous rides that put fear in people instead of putting in an attraction to go and enjoy a particular ride. im very pissed with such lack of safety which can even bring a person to his/her death bed. these motherfucker owners only need money and they give a fuck for public safety and thats all they care about their own shit !! thats why people beware whenever you enter such fucked up parks.

  • Nikhil. shah06-Feb-2014

    The park should be thoroughly checked with all the rides to be given extra safety measures so that such n incident never occurs again. Definitly the organisers hv to compensate for the losses of life & injured.Feel Sorry for them. Shut the park till it is 100% safe

  • dhaksh kamra06-Feb-2014

    unfortunately it was a very bad incident and i have been there it is a mindblowing park i am very cross vith imagica but i request not to tease its management and not anyone should cancel visits as it took 1650 crores 4 years and 50000 plus men working

  • avani06-Feb-2014

    Why other theme parks have not suffered with an deadly accident?In making money they forget all things. No medical facility,no ambulance. Our school was going there on 13/2/2014. SHAME!!!!!

  • HARSH MITTAL06-Feb-2014

    By Gods grace all are saved but any major accident could have had happpened with the visitors. we pay there for enjoyment but not for any disaster.strict action should be taken against them as early as possible.

  • shreyas07-Feb-2014

    This park is enough to kill the people of Pune and Mumbai.Imagica should get closed right today.

  • rudra07-Feb-2014

    From our indian govt to the local people all are selfish. just to get few money they compromise on low standard equipment. the higher authorities must not be knowing that people working under them have made scandal and compromised on the qualities. shame on these people.

  • sk07-Feb-2014

    The ticket price does not match the safety standards. Now they say that it's a minor accident let there be a major one to close the park.

  • angry 07-Feb-2014

    what the hell 1500 rs for cracking ur jaw .......... hahaha this is like giving ur own 'supari'......

  • Dharvi07-Feb-2014

    i go there 2 month ago...but next time i never go.....

  • komal agrawal07-Feb-2014

    Well i regret what all happened at imagica .. n i truly pray that all the injured could overcome this disaster.. but i would like to say that i myself have visited imagica once and because of the rains almost 70% rides were non functional.. they constantly kept on testing each and every slide number of times so that it is safe for the visitors. Accidents do happen and neither did they were expecting any such mishap .. It is a big thing for them as well .. it wasn't intentional at all..

  • Manish Sachdev07-Feb-2014

    It's shocking that the park is still functional despite of what happened. There should be a law, which mandates the availability of medical emergency facilities at such theme parks and the park should be closed until all rides should be thoroughly checked and certified for safety. Police not lodging a complaint is a very common, until there is a media pressure asking for the same.

  • Suraj Gupta07-Feb-2014

    OMG!!! I was planning to take my son to Adlabs Imagica on his Bday on 12th Feb. Thank God he saved us and pray for the injured ones to get well soon. But after this incident I'll never ever go here. In Singapore we have seen roller-coaster test drive for almost 2 years because they value for life. In India, do they really test the equipments before opening it for public. And moreover, Adlabs Imagica is in remote location and still don't have any first aid and ambulance service & a good hospital

  • atulya07-Feb-2014

    I think it was an accident.... and anyways what has to happen will happen.........and after all they have closed that ride forever..........I think they will have a lot more of safety measures after this please go to imagica if you have made a plan,

  • Hoshang07-Feb-2014

    I don't think people out here have read the article properly. I am astonished that how come a 32 Year Old Woman have a daughter of 16 Years. There are some real blunders on part of reporting this MISHAP. If media is shying away from its responsibility it confirms that there are more casualties which aren't reported under some heavy-weight's influence..... WHERE ARE THIS SO CALLED MNS, AAP, BJP, CONGRESS, RSS

  • Tirath07-Feb-2014

    Its not an unusual accident, people are going theme part for enjoyment, now no one will dare to sit in such riski rides, Even i was planning to go but now i will never go. Theme parks should be given certificate after testing their Security & Safety measurements. Government should take some high actions against it, A life is more important than money.

  • dinesh07-Feb-2014

    guys i just visited imagica its realy vry nice place to visit.that accidnt is just a small thing but people make it issue.visit the park and then judge them dont judge them like this. they give first priority to safety and security they dont allow a kid to seat in ride who is jst 2 inches less than their hight was a small roller coster who met wid an accidnt. VISIT & JUDGE

  • XYZ08-Feb-2014

    People, I hope you all know the park is the best in India. Secondly you all don't have any right to say that India is bad, and Indian's cant make the theme park. Please understand such incidences happen across the globe. Check the you tube links. Finally those all who have said they will not visit the park, I BET you will all be back, within next 01 year back to ADLABS IMAGICA.

  • Reema07-Feb-2014

    Close this theme park forever......I was planning to go but now I will never go...HORRIBLE

  • Mitesh07-Feb-2014

    In my view instead of blaming the park authorities we can say that corruption has shown its bloddy talent once more think over it isn't it like that,that because of the worst of infrastructure and materials used this accident took place.And one more thing i would like to add 'DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER'

  • Saee 07-Feb-2014

    Very shameful!!!! Imagica Adlabs is just making money!!!They don't care about the lives of the people.Just shoot the people connected with this Imagica Adlabs.

  • rizvan khan13-Feb-2014

    Imagi is not bad but if a ride has fallen down then it is a very serious matter for public but we cannot blame on them because they will try there best for their guests

  • Anilkumar Pillai13-Feb-2014

    hell with such kind of park,i will never visit any parks in India which has got any huge rides..even in dreams Adlabs Imagica Sucks

  • Ganesh Bagul08-Feb-2014

    Shame on Imagica, what they charge for entry is so high compared to other theme park with compromised safety...what if few accident was inches upside down instead of broken jaw that poor girl would have had broken head. I am not marketing but right from childhood I have been to Esselworld with all rides and in 15-20 years no mishap or accident yet really proud of this amusement park where no safety is compromise also entry fees is less than half of imagica, its also true for othr parks.

  • Ashwin08-Feb-2014

    This is not complete data of injured, one person lost his right leg and there are other injured as well though may not be in never shows real news.

  • Beena05-Mar-2014

    Horrible... Imagica is shit it has just created bad impression now by not caring peoples life Even ma college group were planing to visit bt now i feel that tnk God we dnt go Imagica has just spoiled his name... I m givng an advise plzzzzzz dont play with anybodies life.... n stop making such money which brings tears in eyes PLZZZZZZzzzzz.....

  • shirsha 18-Mar-2014

    I cant believe that so careless they are . Who where riding on that ride and just got minor injuries for them it was an escape from death.

  • rizvan khan13-Feb-2014

    Imagica is not bad but if a ride has fallen down then it is a very serious matter for public but we cannot blame on them because they will try there best for their guests

  • Khalid k12-Mar-2014

    Height of stupidity of this park is that some of rides are under construction then why the hell they started the park. They were in so hurry to open the park without completing the constructions of rides. Charging thousands of rupees for entry fee. Its just the "chindi attitude" of creators of adlabs imagica for not provide emergency healthcare services. Reliance is into health research, health care services, entertainment, power, communications etc. And now into theme park. Why not start kirana

  • Priya Mane11-Feb-2014

    SO....BAD........ I was also planning to go there but...... now l never go there N tell others not to go........!!!

  • kanti chaudhar17-Feb-2014

    Thanks midday for information.... I had also planned to go there with family but now we will not go there......

  • asma10-Feb-2014

    I understand imagica is very beautiful and best and all the say imagica is very beautiful and best than i am liking imagica see imagica fees is 2500 than why imagica is very duty imagica is supari what yar imagica is a kachra kundi

  • aakaash10-Feb-2014

    what a shame???I will never go there ...

  • yen11-Apr-2014

    i expected a lot more frm imagca but unsatisfactory !!!!!!!!! how can they be so helpless????

  • mandar21-Feb-2014

    horrible imagica, never will visit there

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