Cyrus Mistry
Cyrus Mistry

Ever got a weird email from your boss? Top employees at Tata recently received a strange mail from the chairman, Cyrus Mistry (in pic above), asking them to transfer $4,500 to a bank account. Thankfully, before they bid adieu to their hard-earned money, one alert official realised it was a con.

The MRA Marg police and the Cyber Cell are on a hunt for a fraudster who sent a fake email under the name of the Tata Group chairman, Cyrus Mistry, to con employees into parting with their money.

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On Thursday, five employees from the Finance department at Tata received an odd email from their chairman, Cyrus Mistry, stating: ‘ Dear, We are coming up with a Project of Tata Group. Kindly, deposit 4500 US $ in a/ c no xxxx. This project should not get stopped due to financial crunch.’

Fittingly, it was the chief ethics officer, Dr Mukund Rajan ( also brand custodian) who caught the lie. He was the first among the five to open the email and, right away, he realised that it was a hoax.

He informed Mistry that someone was impersonating him online and also passed on the details to the manager of the Finance department, Chetan Nange, who filed a complaint at the MRA Marg police station.

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“We have provided all the details to police. We have never received such mails before in our organisation,” said Nange.

The police registered an FIR under Sections 419, 420, 511 of the IPC, along with Section B B of the IT Act.

DCP ( Zone I) Dr Manoj Sharma said, “ We have registered a case against an unknown offender and are taking the help of the Cyber Cell to crack the case.”

Tata says

“An unsuccessful attempt was made to fraudulently contact some Tata employees from a fake email ID. We have therefore filed an FIR with the police and an investigation is on to identify the perpetrator,” said an official spokesperson for Tata.