Imran Khan's party spoiler

Jan 11, 2012, 08:25 IST | Shaheen Parkar
The actor's wedding anniversary plans to move into renovated home ruined, as interior work there isn't completed yet

Imran Khan was keen to move back to his renovated home at 24, Pali Hill on his first wedding anniversary on yesterday. However, as some of the interior work could not be wrapped up in time, the actor has to wait for a while still.

Imran Khan with wife Avantika Malik

He and his wife Avantika Malik felt the day would have been ideal to step into their spanking new abode. Immediately after their registered marriage held there, work had begun. But even after a year, it is still to be complete.

Imran stays at the residence of his late grandfather, filmmaker Nasir Hussain. As the bungalow is one of the old landmarks of Pali Hill in Bandra, Imran's family did not want to raze it and construct a building. They wanted to keep the old-world charm. Moreover Imran is extremely attached to this place.
So, instead it was decided to redo certain portions for the couple. Meanwhile, Imran was staying elsewhere in Bandra. With his house shifting plans going kaput, he had a low-key first wedding anniversary. "It was a quiet time with family," says Imran.

Working birthday
Imran Khan turns 29 on January 13. He has always believed in a working birthday. He prefers to shoot or do the promotions of his flicks on that day. And as the star is busy with his upcoming film Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, he will be tied up with it.

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