Imran likes the masala

He's one of the hottest young stars of this generation. And like his contemporaries, Imran Khan too enjoys films of different genres."I was averse to commercial films but I am now enjoying them", says the cute actor who's looking forward to another release. In a short interview to CS, the actor gives his take on the changing face of Bollywood:

Old is gold
I think the audience today is intelligent enough to accept films like Udaan and Delhi Belly and make them hits. But the people who love different forms of multiplex cinema represent a very small segment of the audience. The majority of the audience still want to see a larger-than-life hero on the screen. I don't think that parallel cinema can ever replace the original flavour of Bollywood.

Fully filmy
Bollywood will always be Bollywood, no matter how much people criticise theĀ  maar-dhad masala films. The Hindi film industry somewhere symbolises us and who we are as Indians. In our real lives, we are loud, colourful, grand, musical, dramatic, etc. I am very happy with the way India and the film industry is progressing. But at the same time, we should not forget our roots which are from films like Sholay, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge etc.

Hollywood hitch
Though many people ask me about my plans to go to Hollywood, I don't think I will ever do so. I might be holding US citizenship, and having a fair complexion, but I will always be a black for them. They are not even interested in Bollywood actors. Why should I leave Bollywood that's given me so much love, and go to Hollywood to do one sidey role? Plus, no one knows me there. Hollywood has space only for one dark skinned actor and that's Will Smith.

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