Imtiaz Ali: The reaction to 'Tamasha' makes me emotional

Director Imtiaz Ali has carved a niche for himself with movies that are content-driven and appealing to the younger audiences. The success of his recently released film, 'Tamasha', proves that young India is looking for meaningful cinema which can influence their minds.

Imtiaz Ali
Imtiaz Ali

Speaking about the audience reaction, Imtiaz affirms, "The younger lot, be it college students or working executives, have most certainly taken up to the film. I believe it’s the audience that has pulled this film. Younger audiences are now demanding a change in the commercial movie format. With Tamasha, I have tested the boundaries of commercial cinema. I have heard real-life stories. Three girls have told me that 'Tamasha' influenced them to quit their job and chase their dream. To enable and motivate someone through cinema is the biggest compliment for a director. The reaction to 'Tamasha' makes me emotional as I know the film has reached deep. I see the responses on social media as a barometer of the influence it has on young minds."

On working with producer Sajid Nadiadwala again, Imtiaz says, "Sajid is an invisible producer which is the greatest support a director can ask for. It is also rare. During the making of the film or even after, there was no talk about budgets and costs of recovery. We purely spoke about cinema. I respect Sajid, the producer, for he wants to be involved with visionary movies and 'Tamasha' is just that. He is truly an awesome producer. I would love to make many more movies with Sajid in the future. One can never tell as people go through ups and downs, and maybe I will make an all out commercial meaningless entertainer someday as well!"



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