As the ongoing Lakme India Fashion Week ratchets into high gear this weekend at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Santacruz, the city’s crème de la crème of fashion is naturally looking at every sashay, every swirl and every seam. There seem to be fewer big name designers than before but maybe the accent is on newer and fresher talent. There is no quibble with that. Talent needs a platform to break through and the fashion week is as good a stage as any.

One only hopes that with the blitzkrieg of fashion weeks in the country, the accent stays on what the name says — fashion — and not all the other adjuncts that seem to be stealing the show, from the real business of fashion. While one understands that fashion week is a celebration of style and in some small measure, entertainment, the latter is turning this into some sort of party, where the focus moves away from clothes and models on the ramp.

The film industry is now part of this mega fashion blitz and while top designers do bring in Bollywood stars for maximum publicity and eyeballs, these overshadow the creations of the designer. There is a hush and mystery built around them and the audience erupts in wild applause as their name is announced. Is anybody looking at the clothes?

This time we have seen all and sundry walking the ramps — from families to doctors and assorted individuals, instead of those on whom these clothes look best — the models, whose job it is to make clothes good. There are other shows in which these achievers and family and friends can walk the ramp. The Fashion Week must be absolutely professional instead of resorting to this gimmickry.

It is important for senior designers, industry watchers and those in the business of fashion to bring the focus back on fashion, pure fashion. Are the collections better than what we have seen before? What is the apparel like? Exciting, drab, creative or classic? Train the binoculars on the clothes, which seem to be losing out to the
general tamasha all around.