In the mood for love

"When I was taking a tour of the castles of Scotland, I could imagine myself as one of the heroines in the Gothic love stories," says the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor. This pretty lady is in love with the classical notion of love that's idealistic, unselfish and sacrificing. Awaiting the release of her romantic film, she talks to CS about celluloid's most popular theme, love:

Who: Sonam Kapoor
What: Talking about love and love stories

I give a lot of importance to love as an emotion. In today's age, people scoff at the thought of idealistic love, which is so cherished in books and films. I love the idea of idealistic love, and the fact that love makes the world go round (laughs out loud). On a serious note, I believe that love is important in today's times, as there is so much hatred all around. We hear news of terror attacks every three months. Also, nature is giving up on us, and there are so many disasters all around. People need to learn how to love in an unselfish manner. I simply don't understand why people are so cynical about these things. I find the idea of open relationships hypocritical. How can you be seeing someone else when you say that you are in a relationship? I am not being morally judgemental about people who are in such affairs, but I don't endorse the idea. If you want to date several people at one time, then why talk about being in a relationship?

Pyaar hua...
Gone With The Wind, Romeo And Juliet, Pakeezah, Mughal-E-Azam, Anand and the likes rank amongst my favourite romantic films. Basically, I love romantic stories that have a lot of drama. It's sad that most of these films have a tragic climax. Contrary to what you may feel, I don't enjoy love story endings where the lovers remain unrequited. In fact, my favourite love story is Avatar, where the duo lives happily ever after. And yes, I pronounce it as Avtaar (the desi way) and not Avatar.

Come on baby, light my fire
My idea of romance is classic. I grew up reading books like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, and other works of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. When we were shooting in Scotland, I could well identify with the settings that would have inspired love in those days. The stone castles, the moss on the walls, the winding roads and the works can ignite the flame of love in anyone (laughs out loud). Personally, I love candlelight dinners, and the idea of a cosy meeting near a bonfire or fireplace. 

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