In a positive space

She treads carefully when it comes to choosing films. But no matter how far and few her projects may be, actor Amrita Rao sure does leave an impact with her roles. In fact, she recently got an award in Kolkata for Love U... Mr Kalakaar. Amrita talks to CS about how important it is to receive recognition for her work:

Who: Amrita Rao
What: Talks about treading cautiously and getting awards

Awards galore
This year, I didn't get time to attend many award shows. But I do enjoy going for the functions. I get a huge high when I get recognised before the entire industry. While awards may not matter for a few stars, I do love receiving them (laughs). I remember when I got an award for Welcome to Sajjanpur, my dad was there in the audience. It was such a proud moment. So, recently when I spent a day in Kolkata to receive an award, it was a nice experience, especially because people like Aparna Sen and Konkona Sen Sharma, Shaan and other leading Bengali celebrities were present. In fact, three years back Aparna had offered me a role in a film, which I had to decline because of date issues. I have seen Rahul Bose's The Japanese Wife and I liked it. If I get a good script for a Bengali film, I would really consider doing it.

Getting a recharge
I get motivated when I see positive people around me. Filmmaking is a tricky job, and things go awry very often. So, having people who are cheerful and keep the atmosphere light is very important. A good director is also a great motivator. When you're young, you make mistakes, so it's important to have a director who can correct you without stifling your creativity. I will say that I have been very blessed in this regard. People like Shyamji (Shyam Benegal), Farah (Khan) and of course Soorajji (Barjatya) are wonderful to work and be with. Also, I feel really motivated when I read or hear about young achievers in various fields.
Safe and sound
Yes, it's true that I am treading cautiously in my film career. When you don't have a godfather to fall back on, you can't take as many risks. Moreover, I want to be a part of films I sincerely believe in. I feel that cinema is a magical medium, and we can use it to great effect. I really don't want to do anything that's lacking in content. Contrary to what some people may feel, I am not laidback when it comes to my career. In fact, I am too young to be complacent. And, I don't believe that the girl-next-door image has worked against me. After all, it's my USP (laughs).


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