“I think fashion should be personal, and not assembly line,” she said. Sophie shares her style mantras with CS:

Who: Sophie Choudry
What: On her love for fashion and dressing up
Where: At her residence in Khar

Fashion facts
I was always pretty fashion conscious. I have never been a tomboy. In fact, when I moved to Mumbai from London, I got a culture shock in terms of fashion. I thought people were just so lazy about dressing up! Everyone seemed to move around in jeans, T-shirts and chappals. Now, I have grown up in London, where people are fashion conscious and studied in Paris, where fashion is an inseparable part of life. I always believe in dressing up for the day. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top but at least I should look basically fashionable. So, whenever people used to see me they used to ask, “Are you going somewhere special?” and I was like, “No, I always stay like this.” I have always made that little effort to look good.

We are family!
Well, my mom has always been a diva. She is always well-dressed. She is my best shopping partner. Mom has a fine eye for clothes and accessories. Even now, when I put on a dress for the first time, she says, “Chalo, abhi fashion show karo.” I love being a woman. I feel that one should try and look good for yourself and not for others. Even when I was a teenager, my mom and naani (grandmother) never scolded or prohibited me from wearing shorts or mini skirts. They always told me that I should be confident in whatever I was wearing. My naani’s the coolest!

Footwear fantasy
I have a massive weakness for shoes. A nice pair of shoes makes me feel sexy. No outfit is complete without the perfect footwear. I have more than 200 pairs in my shoe cupboard. I would advise every girl to buy a nice pair of nude shoes. They go with any outfit and make your legs look longer. I am very brand conscious when it comes to shoes. All my shoes are designer ones. In clothes, I always prefer high street brands to designer stuff. What people don’t know about me is that I have a huge denim fetish as well. There are more than 50 pairs of jeans in my closet. People know me for my short dresses and stilettos, but I am equally crazy about jeans.