Now’s the season when sharing and cheer are usually in good supply. It also happens to be the season for big, fat Indian weddings. We were treated to a fair share of the later this past month.

But what made for a refreshing departure was the change in approach for at least some of the weddings that we attended. In a pleasant U-turn, we noted how some couples were opting for smaller, intimate celebrations with just the immediate family and a few friends in attendance. It was lovely, made good sense, and ensured that the bride and groom were actually not some far-off, hard-to-catch celebrity couple whom the rest had to see and cheer from a distance. Everyone seemed far more relaxed; the parents on both sides were smiling (not the plastered variety) and the general mood was that of light-hearted fun, bonhomie and loads of revelry.

The menu was elaborate yet not over-the-top. No ice sculptures or scary salad mountains that spelt stale. Smartly planned, these affairs ensured that everyone was happy in the heart and in the palate. In fact, a few of these married couples decided to even donate a share of their wedding gifts (money too, yes!) to their favourite charity. Wow.

Exactly the kind of sentiment to reflect the spirit of Christmas. Small can be big too. Besides, it felt far more special to those who were a part of it. Add to this, the bonus of thinking of the lesser privileged. Those couples believed in doing things differently, and in the process helped make a difference in others’ lives even as their own lives were entering a new chapter.

It’s a small step. But it can be a tiny one to think differently, and start afresh as another year beckons. Now, try telling that to Kanye West, who splurged on $74,000 for his daughter North’s Christmas gifts!

The writer is Features Editor of mid-day