In Time: Off Track

Nov 04, 2011, 21:25 IST | Johnson Thomas

In Time
U/A; Sci-fi
Cast:  Justin Timberlake, Olivis Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Vincent Katheiser, Cillian Murphy, Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer
Director: Andrew Niccols
Rating: *  1/2

What appears to be a high-concept sci-fi thriller on paper comes across on screen as a ridiculous, lowbrow attempt at conning the audience. As far as sci-fi thrillers go, this one is not in the same league as 'Adjustment Bureau' or 'Source Code', which were also high-concept thrillers that had solid, secure meat in the depiction.

'In Time' runs out of time in the first few seconds of its runtime -- right about when Justin Timberlake as Will Salas, a poor factory worker opens his gob in explanatory foray. Andrew Nicols' story and screenplay depicts a retro dimension where everyone is 25 till the day they die. Time is the currency that they have to buy to extend their existence. The narrative spiel though slick and stylised, lacks logic and sensibility. The conspiracy theory and the Darwinian explanation for the central conceit is juicy enough but the coherence in narration is definitely suspect.

Nicols' dull aesthetics does little to enhance the thrills. Sameness is a disease that permeates throughout the narrative.

The concept of time as currency is not exploited to full effect and even the characters lack distinctness and validity.

It's not a wholesome engaging film but there is quite a bit of un-intentioned humour to be had!

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