Incidents of escape from Tihar Jail

The following is a list of jailbreaks from Delhi's Tihar Jail:

* June 27, 2015: Two inmates fled from jail No.7 after morning roll call. One was held while the other managed to escape.

* 2013: A prisoner died after falling from a moving truck while trying to escape from inside the prison. The truck had come to the jail with the monthly supply of vegetables.

*2011: Two undertrial drug addicts made a dash for Gate No 3 along with eight other inmates when they were being transported in a van. They escaped but were caught.

* 2004: Sher Singh Rana, convicted for the murder of dacoit-turned-politician Phoolan Devi, escaped from the jail using his associate to pose as a police officer.

* 1986: Serial killer Charles Sobhraj escaped after drugging a jail guard.

* 1983: Around 10 inmates escaped from the prison using fake prison identity cards and posing as jail officers.

* 1976: As many as 13 life term prisoners escaped from the jail by digging a tunnel near the outer wall of the prison.

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