After legal assistance from eminent lawyers failed to get the Kattas out of their present mess, the clan has approached BJP's official vastu consultant for a remedy. The cause of their ill luck has now been pinpointed and changes are being made to former minister Katta Subramanya Naidu's bedroom door in hopes to reverse bad fortune

The beleaguered Katta clan seems to have arrived at the conclusion that a vastu defect in their palatial residence at Sadashiva Nagar is the root cause of all their problems.

Built on a high-end BDA site in the posh Sadashiva Nagar at a
cost of Rs 5 crore, the Kattas are now convinced that their
decline started just after they shifted in

As they embarked on corrective measures after consulting a vastu expert, they discovered that a door to former minister Katta Subramanya Naidu's bedroom was the potential troublemaker.

K Gangadhar, who ensured the vastu compliance of the newly built BJP office in Malleswaram, received a call from Katta Subramanya Naidu and the official vastu consultant to the BJP did not talk before he started repair work yesterday.

Although he refused to divulge details of the remedial work he has undertaken, Gangadhar admitted the vastu defects in the house were responsible for the downfall of the clan.

"I am not supposed to talk about the issue as it is not for public consumption. However, I can tell you that vastu defects in a house can negatively impact the lives of the inhabitants and the Kattas are no exception," said Gangadhar.

The Kattas built the house on a high-end BDA site in the posh Sadashiva Nagar at a cost of Rs 5 crore. When they moved in to the house in 2008, the luxury within had made news.

Katta Subramanya Naidu

However, according to sources, the Kattas are now convinced that their decline started just after they occupied the house.

Downward trend
"Till 2008, Subramanya Naidu's political career graph showed an upward trend and it started sliding downward after that and reached a level wherein the father-son duo were jailed. They have advised to make alterations to the house to be vastu complaint and they are doing just that," said a source close to Subramanya Naidu.

Subramanya Naidu, who held portfolios including IT, information and water supply as a cabinet minister, was accused of a land scam and jailed along with his son Katta Jagadish Naidu, a member of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike council, in the case.

While the case is pending in the Lokayukta special court, Subramanya Naidu has got bail on health grounds - he is suffering from lymphoma cancer - and Jagadish Naidu is still in jail.

K Gangadhar, Vastu Specialist

The Kattas are understood to have found the vastu defect responsible even for Subramanya Naidu's illness, and are attributing their fall from grace to the jinxed house.

"Its true a defective house can cause illness and all sorts of distress including public disgrace. But, it can be rectified and life will return to normalcy," said Gangadhar.

Problem bedroom
According to him, the main problem is the door to a bedroom where Subramanya Naidu sleeps. The room is on the first floor and the door opens to balcony facing North-West.

"When the master bedroom has a door facing North-West, direction, the house is bound to suffer from chronic illness apart from facing disgrace," said Gangadhar.

The main entrance is facing the North and is in the centre of the construction and a permanently closed door facing North-East on the first floor are among the main errors, according to Gangadhar.

Open doors
Apart from closing the door to the bedroom, doors would have to be installed at the North-East corner of each floor of the three-storeyed building.

While a source insisted that the modifications would cost crores of rupees as they would have to alter the entire house, Subramanya Naidu said, "We are not spending that much on the job. It's a simple alteration work and it may cost a few lakhs."