From filmmakers to meat shop owners - Rinkita Gurav meets contestants from Mumbai 227, who plan to give political bigwigs a run for their money in BMC polls

I have made documentaries on 26/11 terror attacks and many other social issues. With no work happening in our ward, I want to take matters into my own hands. I don't mind leaving my career as I can cater to the problems professionals in the city face. Despite not having much money we have been trying to publicise ourselves and reach out to as many people as we can.
-- Varsha Jain, filmmaker, contesting from ward no 150

I see people complaining every day about poor roads, dirty water, garbage, problems in getting licences, etc. I am determined to bring in change in the area I live in and I refuse to pay bribe to those officials and politicians who ask for it while doing something for us.
-- Imran Qureshi, meat shop owner, contesting from ward no 130

For 12 years builders have been harassing us in our society and BMC officials are in cahoots. No one cares about the common man. I don't mind leaving my job and I have already begun going from door to door. The only problem is we've got little time as the election symbols were given so late by the authorities.
-- Vasant Rane, mechanical engineer, contesting from ward no 185

If there are train accidents between Mankhurd and Vashi then victims have to be taken to Shatabdi or Sion hospital. Children from slums don't get good jobs. Locally there are so many problems, which are not even touched by politicians.
-- Mahindra Bhingardive, Law student, contesting from ward no 140