India can win gold for corruption, says Ramdev

Aug 11, 2012, 06:36 IST | Agencies

Calling on all of India to support his agitation against black money and graft, Ramdev said, “India could have won gold if there was a competition for corruption in the Olympics.” The crowds cheered and clapped enthusiastically, to which Ramdev said, “This is not a matter to applaud.”

He started the day with a yoga camp, before addressing the crowd in a speech that pitched for his movement against black money as well as for a stringent Lokpal bill, an independent CBI and a citizen’s charter. “If the CBI is made independent, politics will become clean, because CBI is being used to blackmail opposition leaders,” he said.

The three-day symbolic fast started on Thursday, and the organisers are expecting more crowds over the extended three-day weekend. 

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