India is missing Harbhajan Singh: Akram

Out of favour off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh has got the backing of legendary Wasim Akram. Former Pakistan pacer feels India is missing the Turbunator on the bouncy Aussie pitches as Ravichandran Ashwin is only good for the sub-continental wickets. "It was evident that India missed Harbhajan.

Harbhajan and Wasim Akram

On pitches with bounce and grass, the job of a spinner is to contain and not look for too much of turn. Let the batsman hit out over your head. At least try and lure them to hit you over the top.

India needed someone experienced like Harbhajan, who knows how to stop the batsman from taking singles and maintains pressure from one end.

The Australians were playing Ashwin with ease and changing strike without a problem," Akram told Mobile ESPN.

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