Karachi: PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan feels India must fulfill its promise of ‘rewarding’ Pakistan for its support for the ‘Big Three’ governance system introduced in the International Cricket Council (ICC) last year.

Shaharyar Khan
Shaharyar Khan

Khan told reporters on Saturday at a function here that Pakistan had its own reasons for supporting the ‘Big Three’ governance system but one of them was that it would eventually lead to restoration of bilateral ties with India.

“It is true that we agreed to the ‘Big Three’ system after the Indian cricket board promised us it would renew cricketing ties with us and they eventually also signed the MOU with us to play six series between 2015 and 2023,” the PCB chief said.

Asked if the MOU was a sort of reward for supporting the ‘Big Three’, Khan admitted one could put it that way. “We want the BCCI to honor its commitment made to us through the MOU and I am still optimistic the series could happen eventually,” he said.