'India's Mars mission cost less than Hollywood film Gravity'

Jul 01, 2014, 07:03 IST | Agencies

Sriharikota: PM Narendra Modi praised the cost-effective nature of the Indian space programme, saying the country’s Mars mission had cost less than the big-budget Hollywood film Gravity.

PM Narendra Modi

In his address, he also traced the humble beginnings of the country’s space history, while pointing out the rapid strides it has made today. He said he had seen photos of rocket cones being transported on bicycles, saying he was surprised at such sights.

“All the credit to goes to you scientists. Even today, our programme stands out as the most cost-effective one. There is this story of our Mars mission costing less than Hollywood movie Gravity. Our scientists have shown the world a new paradigm of engineering and the power of imagination,” he said.

Mangalyaan, India’s interplanetary project, was launched in 2013 at an estimated cost of $72 million, while the movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney was reportedly made at an estimated $100 million.

$100 mn
Production cost of the 2013 Hollywood film Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

$72 mn
The estimated cost of Mangalyaan, India’s interplanetary project  launched in November 2013

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