Whether or not you love board games, Checolo might pique your interest, largely because of its fast-paced nature and game plan that is fun and also forces you to dig deeper into those brain cells that need a rejig every now and then.

Checolo has been created by Indian toy maker, Toy Kraft

A unique combination of the classic Checkers and the thoughtful puzzle, Sudoku, Checolo requires you to move your selected pawns to your opponents’ side, while jumping, sliding and crossing through nine square boxes, but within the confines of the game’s colour-coded rules.

These rules prevent a similar coloured pawn to be present in the same box, forcing a gamer to strategise each move. The game, which made its debut at the recent edition of IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo, can be simple and complex, depending on the number of players, which could be either two or four.

Available at: All major toy stores.
Log on to: www.toy-kraft.com
Price: Rs 399