India to China on proof demand: Azhar's actions are well-documented

Feb 23, 2017, 09:13 IST | Agencies

Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar talks to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing. Pic/PTI
Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar talks to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing. Pic/PTI

Beijing: India yesterday hit out at China for demanding "solid evidence" for getting JeM chief Masood Azhar banned by the UN, saying the extent of his actions were "well-documented" and the "burden of proof" was not on it.

Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar, while briefing the media on his extensive interactions with top Chinese officials and talks at the upgraded strategic dialogue co-chaired by him here, said the talks were "useful" in conveying India's concerns and priorities on key issues.

"On the issue of 1267 Committee's sanctions on Masood Azhar, we again explained the rationale for that application and pointed out that this was really pursued by other countries, not by India alone," Jaishankar said, referring to the US' application backed by the UK and France this year to designate Azhar as a global terrorist.

On the Chinese Foreign Ministry calling for "solid evidence" to get Azhar banned, Jaishankar said, "in the case of Azhar, Jaish itself is proscribed under 1267. So the proof is in (the) 1267 Committee action. In this case what he has done, extent of his actions are well-documented."

"Also the proposal in question this time is not moved by us. It is not that the burden of proof is on India to convince. The sponsors seem to be very well convinced, otherwise they would not have taken the initiative to move the proposal," he said.

About China saying that there is no consensus on the issue, the Foreign Secretary said, "there is no consensus because China has not joined it". Since the 1267 Committee proceedings are not public, he said, "Our understanding is that there is overwhelming support in the 1267 (Committee). This (is) what we are told".

"On the NSG issue, (the) Chinese side underlined that they are open to India's application for membership. They have their view of procedures and processes. These were different from where we are at the moment and most of the group is at the moment," he said, referring to the wide support India's application enjoyed in the 48-member elite grouping which controls global nuclear commerce.

The talks also included counter terrorism issues which reportedly covered efforts to get JeM chief Azhar banned by the UN as well as Afghanistan, bilateral and counsellor issues besides global issues.

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