Indian Army prepared for all eventualities in case of military coup in Pak

Chief of Army Staff, General V. K. Singh, played down the rising tension in Pakistan, but declared that the army was prepared for all eventualities in case of a military coup in the neighbouring country.

"I assured you, your army is prepared for all eventualities. I would not like to comment on what is happening in Pakistan, our neighbouring country. That is not my domain to comment on it, but for various contingencies that may take place we are prepared," General Singh told the media here on Thursday.

Commenting on the border management situation, General Singh said that the level of surveillance had increased and India had chalked out various plans for any eventuality.

"As part of your overall military strategies you work out certain measures, those measures have been taken care of and that is why when I said that we were looking at enhancing our surveillance capabilities, that is in place. We know just across what is happening," said General Singh.

"And I can assure you for the type of things that can happen, various things will happen or various things will be implemented which will ensure that the eventuality that you are thinking of can be taken care of," he added.

General V.K. Singh further commenting on the reports of Chinese incursions in Indian Territory said that although this was a matter under the domain of the Ministry of External affairs, dialogue with China was the best possible strategy.

"So far as we are concerned you are aware of what had happened when one of the army commanders were denied, things went back. I think the desire on the part of the nation is to make some progress in the talks that we are having with China, that's all that I can say," he said.

On the issue of a decline in militant infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir, the Army Chief said that it would be unwise to claim that infiltration had ended.

"Firstly, we need to understand that this militant infrastructure, the 42 camps, some active, some inactive, but they are all intact. They comprise of trained personnel and efforts of the infiltration are still on, it is yet to be dismantled," said General Singh.

"Hence, base for the over-ground is being increased and many such steps are being taken that would enable the people to shift the condition from one stage to another stage," he added.

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