Indian cabbie in US accused of rape 'has no idea' how his DNA got on woman

Jan 13, 2012, 09:05 IST | ANI
An Indian-origin cabbie, who was arrested in the United States for allegedly raping a young passenger in his taxi at knifepoint, has said that he had "no idea" how his DNA came to be recovered from the woman. Forty-year-old Gurmeet Singh has, however, admitted to cops that he somethimes picked up women off the street and had sex with them.
"I did not rape anybody. I do not know how my DNA got in her vagina," Gurmeet, a father of two, told investigators. According to the New York Post, cops posing as taxi inspectors offered Singh a glass of water and matched the DNA sample from the glass to a 26-year-old woman who woke up being raped inside a taxi on May 6.
Police said that Gurmeet picked up the woman after she asked Singh to take her to her Manhattan building. After the intoxicated woman fell asleep, Singh reportedly pulled over, bound the victim's hands with a scarf and began raping her.
Singh, who lives in Jamaica, Queens, then took the woman's cellphone and cash and pushed her out of the cab, the police added.

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