The fans stood near the nets and first abused the coaching staff. Then, as the batsmen went in to have a knock, they even showed them the finger

Four Indian fans were forced out by securitymen at Western Australia Cricket Association ground after hurling abuse at four Indian players who were practising in the nets at the end of day's play yesterday. 

Rohit Sharma

WACA security guard, who goes by the name of Greg, said: "I had to force the Indian fans out as they kept abusing the Indian players. All of them were drunk, swearing in English as well as in their local languages."

The fans stood near the nets were abusing the coaching staff initially. Then, as the batsmen went in to have a knock, they yelled out their names and even showed them the finger. Greg said he couldn't remember who was batting at the time, but it may have been Rohit Sharma.

Initially, Greg thought the supporters were on their way out as the game had finished, but then realised they wanted to be around and make sure their foul languages were heard by the players. On receiving a complaint that the players were not being able to  concentrate, he ejected the supporters from the ground.

The section outside the practice nets is open to public. Although there are security guards, still there is no restriction on who are allowed in the area.