London: A Bangladeshi-origin owner of a restaurant in northern England went on trial yesterday, charged with manslaughter, after a man with a severe nut allergy died after dining at his restaurant.

Mohammed Zaman, the restaurant owner, denies manslaughter by gross negligence, perverting the course of justice and six food safety offences in relation to the death of Paul Wilson.

53-year-old Zaman’s restaurant is called Indian Garden. Wilson (38) was found dead at his home after buying a takeaway containing peanuts from Indian Garden in January 2014. He had reportedly told staff at the restaurant that his meal must be nut-free.

“An analysis of the curry recovered from the plate in the kitchen of Paul Wilson’s home also demonstrated that peanut had killed him,” the prosecution claims.

The court was told that a week before Wilson’s death, a UK trading standards officer found evidence of peanuts in a meal she had been told was peanut-free and discovered a box labelled blanched ground peanut in the kitchen of another restaurant owned by Zaman.

The jury was told that Zaman had been employing illegal workers and substituted almond powder with cheaper groundnut mix, which contained peanuts, as a way of cutting costs.