Indian Navy rescues master of Jindal Kamakshi vessel

New Delhi: The Ministry of Defence on Monday confirmed that all the crew members of Jindal Kamakshi, including the master of the vessel, have been successfully rescued by the Indian Navy.

Ministry of Defence spokesperson Sitanshu Kar took to Twitter to share this information.

'Navy Seaking 42C Heptr rescues all 20 crew including Master of Jindal Kamakshi in Arabian Sea,' Kar tweeted.

'#NavyRescue Clarification: Master of Jindal Kamakshi rescued by #ICG Heptr and the 19 crew by IN Seaking 42C,' he added.

The Indian Navy's spokesperson, Captain D.K. Sharma, earlier said that they had first sent the multi-engine aircraft to check the weather situation for rescue operations.

'We got a call from the Indian Merchant vessel around 11:10 p.m. saying that there is water collection in the ship and it is getting inclined on one side at 20 degree. First our multi engine aircraft was sent to check the weather situation. Then at night around 2: 45 a.m., we dispatched our destroyer INS Mumbai which is still there,' Sharma said.

'In the morning, we sent SKC which had rescued 19 people by 9:00 a.m. All are rescued now from the Jindal Kamakshi vessel. The visibility is less in the area, but we are keeping a watch,' he added.

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