Indian-origin cop in UK accused of using database to target women for sex'

Jan 05, 2012, 11:12 IST | ANI
An Indian-origin police constable in Britain has been accused of misusing his force's database to target vulnerable women for sex while on duty.
Jasbir Singh Dhanda, 52, allegedly had sex with two women, while he was working with the Derbyshire Police over a seven-year period, after tracking them down on the police systems, a court was told. Prosecutor Neil Moore told Nottingham Crown Court that the constable targeted three women in total because they were ''vulnerable'' and he did not believe they would report him.
Even if they did, Dhanda, from Derby, thought their complaints would not be taken seriously due to their circumstances, Moore added. Dhanda is accused of 12 counts of misconduct in a public office and obtaining personal data through misuse of a police database, The Daily Mail reports. The court heard Dhanda accessed the records of one of the complainants 100 times over a two-year period.
He met one of the women after she complained to the police about an incident involving her former partner. Dhanda went to her house the day after the incident 'to update her,' and allegedly performed a sex act on himself and touched her sexually before asking for her phone number, the report said.
According to the report, another complainant said she felt compelled to do as Dhanda asked because he was a police officer. Dhanda is alleged to have told the woman, who was a prostitute, there was a warrant for her arrest, but that he would not execute it if she got him some cocaine.
The police constable, who is suspended from the Derbyshire Police pending the outcome of criminal proceedings, faces seven counts of misconduct in a public office and five counts of obtaining personal data. Dhanda, however, denies all the charges.

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